#25. Songs of the Soul Pacific Northwest Tour 2016

Songs of the Soul is a musical journey which takes the depth, power and sheer vastness of Sri Chinmoy’s musical compositions and weaves an experience dedicated to the journey of the human spirit.

Sri Chinmoy’s heart-warming, soul-stirring music has been acclaimed and celebrated by musical giants including Ravi Shankar, Leonard Bernstein and Quincy Jones. Over his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy offered almost 800 concerts around the world, all of them free of charge, in the belief that the inner peace and happiness he sought to convey through his music was everyone’s birthright.

Songs of the Soul is proud to continue that self-giving tradition by offering all their concerts free of charge.


#16. Sri Chinmoy’s Songs in Irish Churches

14 Students of Sri Chinmoy chose a selection of 50 of his songs and went on a tour through Irish churches and holy performances in April 2016. As these were mostly private concerts, this video is a unique document for spiritual seekers and lovers of Sri Chinmoy’s music. The sound is amazing and reveals the atmosphere in the various locations. Produced by Kedar.