Sri Chinmoy Centre

The philosophy of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is simple – to improve the world around us we must first improve ourselves. When each person has a measure of peace, light and joy, we can have a more harmonious world. Sri Chinmoy Centres around the world offer a diverse variety of spiritual, cultural, musical, athletic and humanitarian events for their local communities.

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Sri Chinmoy’s Path

“I wish to tell you that I call my teachings a path, not a religion. I have seekers from all religions, faiths and denominations. At times I say my path is like a school. Students come here to learn and when they acquire wisdom, then they will teach others. This path is the path of the heart. It is very simple and at the same time very fruitful… I only wish to say that we are following the path of the heart because we have come to feel that this path is undoubtedly a shortcut. “

Sri Chinmoy. The spiritual journey: oneness in diversity

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