Sri Chinmoy Centre

The philosophy of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is simple – to improve the world around us we must first improve ourselves. When each person has a measure of peace, light and joy, we can have a more harmonious world. Sri Chinmoy Centres around the world offer a diverse variety of spiritual, cultural, musical, athletic and humanitarian events in the service of their local communities.

According to Sri Chinmoy, spirituality and meditation are not escaping from the world. One can make the fastest spiritual progress and still be part of society, just like everyone else. In over 350 towns and cities across the world, there are Sri Chinmoy Centres where his students come together to meditate at least twice a week.

His devotees come from different religions and also from no-particular religion. He writes.

Yoga does not interfere with any religion. Anybody can practise Yoga. I have disciples who are Catholics, Protestants, Jews and so forth. One can practise Yoga irrespective of religion. … The real aspirant who has launched into spirituality and Yoga will find no difficulty in remaining in his own religion. I tell my disciples not to give up their own religion.”

Sri Chinmoy, Earth’s cry meets Heaven’s smile, part 1