Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run was founded in 1987 by Sri Chinmoy, and is now the world’s longest and largest torch relay run for peace. An international team of runners carries a flaming torch symbolising the common search for peace to countries all over the world. Millions of people in over 150 countries have held the torch and offered their own wish for a better world.  The Peace Run does not seek to raise money or highlight any political cause, but simply strives to create goodwill among peoples of all nations.

The spirit of the Peace Run is unique. Along the route people in thousands of communities — from children to senior citizens, from everyday folks to world leaders — will join the Peace Runners by carrying the torch a few steps or a few miles, each person adding their hopes and dreams in a global wave of friendship and goodwill.

By passing the torch from one person to the next, the relay offers people from many nations the opportunity to express their hopes and dreams for a better, brighter future. People from all walks of life hold the symbolic torch to wish for a peaceful world. Passing the torch from one person to the next unites us together in our common aspiration to offer something positive to our world – together we can make a difference!

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