Meditation Classes

The Sri Chinmoy Centre has an established record of teaching meditation and has offered free classes to countless thousands worldwide.

Meditation is first and foremost a practical subject, one that has to be experienced. We teach a lot of different practical exercises – breathing exercises, visualisations, concentration exercises, mantras and heart-centred meditation. The exercises are typically accompanied with explanations on what meditation is, the benefits of meditation, tips on setting up your own daily practice and integrating meditation into your daily life. Each class instructor has their own life experience that they bring to the class, so no two classes are the same.  In his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy never charged for any of the concerts or public meditations he gave, or for his spiritual guidance. For those who wanted to become his students, he said: “my only fee is your aspiration” – the student’s inner wish to constantly make progress and go forward in their meditation. Sri Chinmoy asked us to offer these classes to the general public free of charge – the inner peace that comes from meditation is your birthright, and not something that should come at a price.

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