I love Singing – Songs by Sri Chinmoy

Welcome everyone to “I Love Singing – Songs by Sri Chinmoy”.

Each week you will find a new selection of three to five of Guru’s songs added to this page.  The selection will include the words, sheet music and an audio recording for you to sing along with.

Quotes by Guru about singing his songs.

Singing is a form of meditation. If you cannot carry a tune, no harm. Then you will not sing in public. But certainly you can sing when you are alone. 


The Supreme is not going to give you a bad mark if you cannot carry a tune. As long as you sing soulfully, the Supreme will be extremely pleased. Tagore once wrote in a poem, “You gave the bird a voice. To me you have not given a voice, but still I am singing.” When you do not have something, and still you are offering it to God, God is very pleased with you. So try to sing in your own way. Even if the tune is wrong, if you sing soulfully, it is a real form of meditation.

Sri Chinmoy, God the Supreme Musician, Agni Press, 1976

If you are singing soulfully and devotedly, and if you feel at every moment that you are offering a flower of gratitude to the Supreme inside yourself, then you are bound to feel your soul. You have to feel that you have within yourself an endless supply of gratitude-flowers, and that at each second you are offering gratitude. If you can feel this, then you are bound to see the soul, feel the soul and grow into the soul’s light and reality while singing and chanting.

Sri Chinmoy, Life-enquiry and self-discovery, Agni Press, 1974


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