#225. Sri Chinmoy 7 & 13 Hour Races (Magnuson Park, Seattle – May 25, 2024)

The 7-Hour Race is the perfect jumping-off event for runners seeking to go beyond the marathon distance, while the 13-Hour Race is a true ultra-running experience. Team runners cheer each other on and work to achieve a timed goal. All the races are in an enthusiastic, cheerful and meditative atmosphere. The 1.54-mile loop course offers views of Lake Washington and the back woods of Seattle’s most scenic park.

To find out more, visit the official website: www.srichinmoyraces.org

#188. Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail 100 km (September 13, 2020)

This run combines the exhilarating immersion in Nature of a genuine trail race, with the convenience, safety and proximity to city services of an urban environment. The journey wends through the hills, nature parks and open spaces of central, south and north Canberra, describing a wide loop starting and finishing at Rond Terrace, at the foot of Anzac Parade on Lake Burley Griffin in the Parliamentary Triangle.

Runners can challenge themselves to attain the glory of completing the entire 100 km solo; or else join with friends or colleagues to cover the distance in a relay team of 2 – 4 members.

To find out more, visit the official website: www.srichinmoyraces.org.

#112. Interview with Samunnati – December 2017

Samunnati Lehonkova is an Olympic marathon runner who took up running at an early age after becoming a disciple of Sri Chinmoy. In this short video, Samunnati talks about how she started meditation and running at the same time, and how she attempts to practice self-transcendence through her running and other aspects of life. Samunnati is an accomplished marathon runner, having represented Ukraine at the 2016 Olympics and has won the Dublin Marathon (twice) Belfast Marathon and Los Angeles.

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