#232. Sixth Sri Chinmoy Statue in Wales Unveiled in Portmeirion

Portmeirion is a picturesque village in North Wales, renowned for its unique and whimsical architecture. On July 6, 2024, the sixth life-sized statue depicting the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy, was inaugurated at Portmeirion. He is holding aloft the Peace Torch that runners have been carrying around the globe for the past 25 years, through over 100 nations, on a mission of peace and harmony. 

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is a global torch relay that embodies humanity’s universal aspiration for peace. Since its inception in 1987 the Run has traversed over 150 nations and territories and touched the lives of millions of people. We estimate since 1987 the torch has been carried over 395,000 miles (632,000 km). The Peace Run does not seek to raise money or highlight any political cause, but simply strives to create goodwill among peoples of all nations.

Portmeirion was designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1973. The village features brightly colored buildings, lush gardens, and stunning coastal views, creating a Mediterranean ambiance. Notable attractions include the iconic Piazza, the Gothic Pavilion, and the tranquil estuary. Portmeirion also hosts the annual Festival No. 6 and has served as a filming location for the 1960s TV series “The Prisoner.”

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#231. The First Sri Chinmoy Peace-Kilometer in Vienna

Vienna, June 21, 2024 — On Friday, Vienna celebrated the inauguration of its first Sri Chinmoy Peace-Kilometer, a project that began in February and received official approval on May 17. This kilometer-long course, officially measured by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS), is marked by 125 Peace Birds painted on the ground, guiding visitors along the path.

This new peace initiative complements the Sri Chinmoy Peace Tree, introduced two years ago. Vienna officials, who oversee city monuments, have now embraced the Peace-Kilometer, further demonstrating the city’s dedication to promoting peace and harmony.

A commemorative plaque featuring both the Peace Tree and the Peace-Kilometer, along with a depiction of the course, was requested by the city. The Peace-Kilometer winds around a small park and extends through the surrounding areas, offering a serene route for reflection and tranquility.

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#228. First Sri Chinmoy 24-12-6 Hour Race – Skopje (8-9.6.2024)

The First Sri Chinmoy 24-12-6 hour race in Skopje took place this weekend, featuring 47 participants, including three 3100-mile finishers. In the 24-hour race, Andrea Marcato won the men’s category with 165 km, while Katerina Sipovic, the national Macedonian champion, won the women’s category with 175 km. Ayojan added a heartfelt touch to the awards ceremony, making it a memorable event. The runners were extremely happy and satisfied with the event. A big thank you to everyone who participated and supported!

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#222. Sri Chinmoy 2 Mile Race, Oxford 2024 – 70th Anniversary of Sub-Four Minute Mile

102 runners entered the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 2 Mile Race, Oxford 2024 on 6th May. It happened to be the 70th Anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the first sub-four-minute mile at Iffley Road, Track, Oxford. This video captures a flavour of the event, plus short archive footage from 1954.

Here are the links to

Video: Sahadeva and Devashishu Torpy. Video edit: Tejvan Pettinger

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#215. Annam Brahma Restaurant: A 50-Year Journey of Serenity and Bliss in Queens, New York

Step into the heart of Queens, New York, and discover the enchanting oasis of serenity and culinary delight that is Annam Brahma Restaurant. For five decades, this beloved establishment has been a cornerstone of the local community, captivating generations of diners with its timeless charm and exquisite vegetarian cuisine.

The name “Annam Brahma” was given by meditation teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy who resided in Jamaica, Queens for over 40 years. With inspiration from Sri Chinmoy, the Grammy-award-winning musician Mahavishnu John McLaughlin opened Annam Brahma in 1971 and owned it until 1974. Annam Brahma is one of three Sri Chinmoy-inspired vegetarian food establishments in the New York area as well as a health food store.

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#212.  28th Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Marathon in Nish, Serbia. 

Experience the spirit of self-transcendence at the 28th Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Marathon in Nish, Serbia, held on March 3, 2024. Witness the convergence of determination, resilience, and inner peace as participants push their limits in this ultimate test of mind, body, and spirit. It’s not just a race; it’s a journey toward inner fulfillment and personal growth.

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#210. Peace Tree Planting in Vienna, Austria

A Peace Tree was recently planted at Auer Welsbach Park in Vienna, Austria. This video highlights the activities. The plaque reads: 

Sri Chinmoy Peace Tree

‘Silence is the seed. Peace is the tree.’ 

-Sri Chinmoy

This Japanese Zelkove ‘Green Vase’ (Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vaşe) was planted in December 2023. May everyone who looks at this tree experience a moment of silence and enjoy a fulfilling dream of peace.

Video by Soham.

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