#202. Spiritual Art Displayed on Largest LED Screen in Bulgaria

Sri Chinmoy’s traveling art exhibit in Bulgaria, featuring his Jharna-Kala (“fountain art”) is being displayed at Plovdid Plaza, the biggest and the most modern shopping center in Plovdiv. As part of the promotion of the gallery, a high tech video wall 16 meters (53.48 feet) high by 11 meters wide is playing a beautifully made 2 minute video of the artist. The total area is 172 square meters, reaching the third floor of the shopping center. The gallery runs until December 20, 2022.

Gratitude to Plovdiv Plaza Mall for kindly offering their space and promotion.

To promote the one-of-a-kind exhibition, they once again provided free of charge a 16-meter-high video LED screen, over 20 digital totems broadcasting information about the exhibition and a voice advertisement on the mall’s radio channel urging visitors to visit the exhibition.

Two days after the opening, a meditative concert with live music was held, where visitors immersed themselves in the musical art atmosphere.

To find out more about Sri Chinmoy, visit the official website: www.srichinmoy.org

#200. Live Concert. Songs of Sri Chinmoy (Manhattan, NY – August 25, 2022)

This concert took place at 9B9 Art Space in Manhattan, NY on August 25th, 2022. Please enjoy a piece of soulful spiritual music performed by Laila Faerman (vocals), Misha Tsiganov (piano), Premik Russell Tubbs (sax/flute).  Most of this songs are available on Spotify already. 

To find out more about Sri Chinmoy, please visit the official website: www.srichinmoy.org