Week 2: I Love Singing

– Humility
– Let Us Try These
– Ajanare Achenare
– The Pride of the Earthly Race

Enjoy singing along with the audio recordings. These songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by his disciple Purnakama. Please click the links below to listen to or download the audio and song scores:



1. Humility

Humility is the fastest and safest way
of climbing God’s Himalaya.
(Sri Chinmoy, ‘Flame-Goal’ songbook)

2. Let Us Try These

Let us try these: love God, serve God and become God.
(Sri Chinmoy, ‘Flame-Goal’ songbook)

3. Ajanare Achenare

Ajanare achenare
Ami basi bhalo
Tai mor puta pran
Sada nashe kalo


I love the unknown
And the unseen.
My hallowed heart
Destroys darkness-night.
(Sri Chinmoy, ‘Bela Chale Jai’ songbook)

4. The Pride of the Earthly Race

The pride of the earthly race
And the joy of the Heavenly race
Have the same goal: self-transcendence.
(Sri Chinmoy, ‘Enthusiasm, Part 8’ songbook)

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February 6, 2019