Week 19: I Love Singing


– Phulte Hale Chhulte Habe
– My Heart’s Gratitude-Blossoming Glow
– Ke Jai Ke Jai Charana Parashe #1
– My Lord, Absolute Lord Supreme

Enjoy singing along with the audio recordings. These songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by his disciple Purnakama. Please click the link below to listen to or download the audio and song scores:



1. Phulte Hale Chhulte Habe

Phulte hale chhulte habe
Param prabhur jyotir bhabe
Puta mahananda rabe


Fulfilment-blossoming you need?
Then run within,
In the heart of God’s light-flooded world,With your lofty purity-ecstasy-sound.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Three-Line Songs, Part 2’ songbook

2. My Heart’s Gratitude-Blossoming Glow

I am sleeplessly
And breathlessly fond of
My heart’s gratitude-blossoming glow.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Aspiration-Plants, Part 2’ songbook

3. Ke Jai Ke Jai Charana Parashe #1

Ke jai ke jai
Charana parashe phutaye kamal
Alokito kare antaratal
Kare sathe sathe dubite gabhire
Ingite bale ai


Who passes by, who passes by,
Blossoming the lotus
   with the touch of His magic Feet?
Behold, He illumines my inner world
And inspires me in silence supreme
   to dive within.
-Sri Chinmoy, ‘Satisfaction-Blossoms’ songbook

4. My Lord, Absolute Lord Supreme

My Lord, Absolute Lord Supreme,
I am Your fairy of Your blue Sky.
Clasping Your Feet, I reveal myself
With an ever-blossoming beauty.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Enthusiasm, Part 11’ songbook

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May 22, 2020