#215. Annam Brahma Restaurant: A 50-Year Journey of Serenity and Bliss in Queens, New York

Step into the heart of Queens, New York, and discover the enchanting oasis of serenity and culinary delight that is Annam Brahma Restaurant. For five decades, this beloved establishment has been a cornerstone of the local community, captivating generations of diners with its timeless charm and exquisite vegetarian cuisine.

The name “Annam Brahma” was given by meditation teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy who resided in Jamaica, Queens for over 40 years. With inspiration from Sri Chinmoy, the Grammy-award-winning musician Mahavishnu John McLaughlin opened Annam Brahma in 1971 and owned it until 1974. Annam Brahma is one of three Sri Chinmoy-inspired vegetarian food establishments in the New York area as well as a health food store.

To find out more about Sri Chinmoy, please visit the official website: www.srichinmoy.org