#229. Jharna Kala Exhibition Shines in Kalocsa

From mid-May, the small town of Kalocsa, Hungary, hosted a remarkable Jharna Kala exhibition at the Nicolas Schöffer Collection. Over the span of a month, visitors enjoyed 60 stunning art pieces, each capturing the essence of Sri Chinmoy’s vision. The opening ceremony was a highlight, featuring performances of Sri Chinmoy’s music by dedicated disciple groups. Adding to the cultural tapestry, the exhibition was part of the city’s annual Blue Bird Festival. Throughout the exhibition, attendees could watch continuous video footage of Sri Chinmoy in the creative process. A statue of Sri Chinmoy added a personal touch, and one lucky visitor won a Jharna Kala artwork in a raffle. The event was a beautiful blend of Sri Chinmoy’s art, music, and community spirit.

To find out more about Sri Chinmoy, please visit the official website: www.srichinmoy.org