Week 25: I Love Singing


– Aspiration Goes Up
– At Last My Doubting Mind
– Day and Night I Must Play
– Sakaler Prane Tomare Heriya Basiya

Enjoy singing along with the audio recordings. These songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by his disciple Purnakama. Please click the links below to listen to or download the audio and song scores:



1. Aspiration Goes Up

Aspiration goes up high, higher, highest.
Transformation goes around and around
Here, there and everywhere.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Enthusiasm, Part 9’ songbook

2. At Last My Doubting Mind

Breathe, breathe,
Breathe every day
A new life into
Your aspiration-cry.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘My Song-River-Heart, Part 2’ songbook

3. Day and Night I Must Play

Day and night I must play
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Four Hundred Blue-Green-White-Red Soul-Birds, Part 2’ songbook

4. Sakaler Prane Tomare Heriya Basiya

Sakaler prane tomare heriya basiya tomare bhalo
Haye jete chai mane prane dehe rupantarita alo


Seeing Your Life in every heart
And loving You in every aspiring heart,
I wish to become totally one —Body, mind and vital —Singing the song of transformation-light.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Supreme, Teach Me How to Surrender’ songbook

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August 27, 2020