Week 27: I Love Singing


– A Constant Gratitude-Heart #2
– Mine Is the Breath of Gratitude
– With My Gratitude-Heart-Tears and Smiles
– Karunamoyi Basundara Kritagyatar

Enjoy singing along with the audio recordings. These songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by his disciple Purnakama. Please click the links below to listen to or download the audio and song scores:



1. A Constant Gratitude-Heart #2

A constant gratitude-heart
Is a way of loving God
In God’s own Way.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Lord, I Thank You For Your Smile’ songbook

2. Mine Is the Breath of Gratitude

Mine is the breath of gratitude.
Mine is the heart of beatitude.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Enthusiasm, Part 3’ songbook

3. With My Gratitude-Heart-Tears and Smiles

With my gratitude-heart-tears and smiles,
  My Lord I greet.
My Lord gives me His All, the moment
  I clasp His Feet.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘An Immediate ‘Yes’ to God’s every Command’ songbook

4. Karunamoyi Basundara Kritagyatar

Karunamoyi basundara kritagyatar
Giti geye bidai nibo


O Mother-Earth of compassion-ocean,
Before I leave You,
I shall offer my gratitude-song.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Jago Jago Hiya Pakhi’ songbook

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October 14, 2020