Week 31: I Love Singing


– Sleeplessly and Breathlessly
– Asha Pakhi Sathe Ami
– Ashar Mita
– If You Are Born in the Sea of Hope
– A New Life

Enjoy singing along with the audio recordings. These songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by his disciple Purnakama. Please click the links below to listen to or download the audio and song scores:



1. Sleeplessly and Breathlessly

Sleeplessly and breathlessly
My heart is fond of
Beautiful hope-blossoms.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Song-Flowers, Part 6’ songbook

2. Asha Pakhi Sathe Ami

Asha pakhi sathe ami
Hiyar nabhe uri


With the hope-bird
In my heart-sky I fly.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Four Hundred Blue-Green-White-Red Soul-Birds, Part 1’ songbook

3. Ashar Mita

Ashar mita trishar pita
Tomar charan tale
Harabo mor dibanishi
Samarpaner bale


O Friend of my hope,
O Father of my aspiration-thirst,
At Your Feet I shall lose
My days and nights
With my surrender-strength.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Bela Chale Jai’ songbook

4. If You Are Born in the Sea of Hope

If you are born
In the sea of hope,
You can fly
In the sky of promise.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Aspiration-Plants, Part 3’ songbook

5. A New Life

A new life has just begun.
I am my hope-flooded sun.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘New York Groups’ songbook

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December 18, 2020