Week 32: I Love Singing


– Yule Days Arrive
– Ami Shishu Ami Shishu

Enjoy singing along with the audio recordings. These songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy and performed by his disciple Purnakama. Please click the links below to listen to or download the audio and song scores:



1. Yule Days Arrive

Yule days arrive
To make me a child-heart,
Like the child of Mary.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘God’s Perfection-Choice’ songbook

2. Ami Shishu Ami Shishu

Ami shishu ami shishu
Ami chira shishu
Meri kole dhara buke
Jatha chhila Jishu


I am a child.
I am a child, an eternal child,
Like Jesus on the lap
Of Mary on earth.
– Sri Chinmoy, ‘Jesus the Seeker, Christ the Saviour’ songbook

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December 21, 2020